This week’s trivia winners!

Trivia questions and answers:

1. According to Kate, what is a moose-inappropriate firearm?

Answer: An AK-47.

2. According to Jim, what was a great leap forward for Niniltna?

Answer: Paving the airstrip.

3. According to Tasha, who is the Second Coming?

Answer: Gabe McGuire.

4. According to Lucy, what don’t you get paid for?

Answer: Getting felt up by TSA.

5. What Greek play is Restless in the Grave based on?

Answer: Agamemnon. I did not expect anyone to get this because I hadn’t ever said and nobody ever said they noticed, but more than half who participated got it right, or you said either Agamemnon or the Oresteia, which is close enough. That’s what I get every time for thinking I’m smarter than the fans, because, you know, not.


Kelly Byer
Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

Alison Morris
Edinburgh, Scotland

Diana Jacobs
Sevierville, Tennessee

Your goodies went into the mail yesterday, and thanks so much for playing!

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10 Comments on This week’s trivia winners!

  1. K.B. says:

    I won!!! I won!! I won!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH! This has made me SO happy – thanks Dana!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and I love how international the winners are!

  2. Alison Morris says:

    I’m just as thrilled as K.B. – my colleagues are only just recovering from my scream when I read my name…

    Postage to Scotland must h ave been astronomical though – may I contribute to that? Or send you a parcel from Scotland in exchange?

  3. Alison Morris says:

    PS I meant to say Thank You!

  4. mary lou chandler says:

    now make the next one really easy for those of us who read the first one 20 years ago, and are so old we cant remember the little stuff! I remember Mutt!

  5. Dana says:

    Still trying to find the sweet spot between too hard and too easy, Mary Lou. Although there were a lot of players this time.

  6. Dana says:

    Which I coulda heard that scream, Alison! From a safe distance. Don’t worry about the postage, just enjoy the goodies when they get there. And if you want to, send a photo of you with your lapful of loot to and I’ll post it here. You, too, Kelly and Diana.

  7. Abigail Cooke says:

    Not about the trivia… the link on this page to Sisters in Crime takes me to which is about bentley motor cars. Not what you intended?

    Thank you for all you wonderful words and pictures, Dana.

  8. Abigail Cooke says:

    Correct link should be:

  9. Dana says:

    Fixed it, Abigail, and thanks! Hard to keep up sometimes.

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