It’s a book!

We officially launch the twentieth Kate Shugak novel this evening at 7pm at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona!

This is the slideshow I will be narrating this evening. Without, you know, the narration. You have to show up for that.

How to get to The Poisoned Pen.

Other author appearances listed here.

Here are some buy links (like I’d leave those off):

Autographed first editions from the Poisoned Pen.

on Amazon.

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on iTunes.

Some of the nice things said about Bad Blood so far:

This is Dana’s most lyrical writing about Alaska, truly gorgeous in content and prose. I reread several descriptive paragraphs to savor them (again). Plus, as I wrote to her, what you’ve got is the kind of thing that honor killings and blood feuds are made of, so in fact while acknowledging Shakespeare, completely contemporary but in a surprise context.
–Barbara Peters, Poisoned Pen Booknews

Hiaasen has his Florida, Memminger now has his Hawaii, and Dana Stabenow most definitely has her Alaska. I may never make it all the way up north but, Stabenow takes me there with every Kate Shugak mystery she writes. Each of these penetrating novels is good, from the very first, A Cold Day for Murder (available practically for free as an e-book) to Stabenow’s latest, Bad Blood. Bad Blood comes out later this month and is the 20 Kate Shugak mystery in 20 years. Congratulations to Stabenow and lucky for us. Twenty years on, Shugak is just as determined as ever, and when her badass trooper boyfriend gets involved in the feud between two neighboring communities, she does not hesitate to jump in to help out. Stabenow does it all: ample history, rich socio-political background, vivid atmosphere, complex characters, hot sex, twisted plot, and solid conclusion. What more could anyone want from a midwinter escape?
–Nina Sankovitch, Huffington Post

And since you asked, click here for your own Kate 20/20 mug, which includes a bag of Tsunami Blend, which as you will remember from Midnight Come Again is that known coffee snob, Chopper Jim’s favorite coffee.

And thank you all so much for your support for lo these twenty years! Kate and Mutt really appreciate it. Me, too.

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68 Comments on It’s a book!

  1. anna says:

    I started this series 2 months ago, with the free kindle download. wow…..i was hooked. I am so glad I found it. Have now read the entire series…..It is wonderful. Love the Liam Campbell series also. Please hurry on the 21st….don’t let Kate and Mutt leave us. Plus I hope Jim asks Kate to marry him…. and also how do you make fry bread? Thanks Dana for making this story so like family…

  2. Dana says:

    And thank you, Anna, for the lovely compliment.

  3. Lesley says:

    I had the great good fortune to live in Alaska for 7 years and had a crew fishing licence and a half-wolf dog – not that I knew it until I took him to the vet for his shots! Loved Alaska and the people and hated to leave (29 yrs ago)and return to Uk when my marriage broke up. |I was thrilled to discover the Kate Shugak books not least because the descriptions of Alaska are just brilliant and have brought back wonderful memories. I’m really glad to hear that there will be another book. I’ll start on the series with trooper Liam while I’m waiting.

  4. Dana says:

    Thanks so much, Lesley.

  5. anna says:

    hi dana
    do we really have to wait till 2015 for kate? thx…..

  6. Dana says:

    2016, Anna. This year I write the second and third part of Silk and Song, next year I write Kate21, and in 2016 it publishes. Sorry about the wait.

  7. Karon K Guenther says:


    I’m 67 years old….what if I don’t make it to 2016 for the next Kate/Mutt book?

  8. Roberta Martin says:

    Dana – having been raised in Kodiak, Alaska, 1955-1968, I love your
    books. The names you use in Kate’s books are so familiar with the
    people that I grew up with. Please keep them coming.

    It will be hard to wait until 2016 to see what happens to Kate & Mutt.

    You can take the girl out of Alaska but you can Never take Alaska out of
    the girl.

    Thank you. Roberta

  9. Dana says:

    You sure can’t, Roberta!

  10. Lorraine says:

    Dana, just finished reading Bad Blood on my way into work this morning, can I tell you I totally freaked that there no more pages!!! Talk about a cliffhanger!!! Scared the bejesus out of my husband who was driving. The poor dear advised me to buy the next book, but it isn’t out yet!!!!

    I have to say I have totally enjoyed the series and am a proud owner. I hope that both Mutt and Kate live on to tell more stories!!!!

  11. Sue Mill says:

    I absolutely love the Kate Shugak novels. I think it would be a lot of fun to write a story from Mutt’s point of view (his interpretation of Kate’s actions and the many people they come in contact with). I love to read about the Alaskan scenery and the wonderful people who live there. Keep the books coming, can’t wait for the next books ! :)

  12. Dana says:

    Thanks, Sue!

  13. Sue Mill says:

    I would like to know if has ever been established where Kate got Mutt ? I started thinking about it, and started reading the series all over again and I don’t think I have found it referenced ? I am just terribly curious.

  14. Dana says:

    I can’t remember exactly which book it’s in, Sue, but the aunties gave Mutt to Kate right after she got home from Anchorage.

  15. Jane Joyce says:

    Hi Dana, only discovered your books this year! I have been enjoying them as slowly as possible and am as far as ” Though not Dead”….
    What I love about your books is that as well as having great characters and exciting stories that keep me held til the last page, I’m reading all about Alaska, and its seasons, people , customs and other fascinating facts that I’d never even considered before…..! The “Park” sounds amazing, and while I know the places are fictional, I’m guessing they are based on places you know and obviously love! Thanks you so much for this!!

  16. Dana says:

    Thanks, Jane!

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