Silk and Song

Silk and Song is the novel I’ve wanted to write for years, about Marco Polo’s granddaughter traveling the Silk Road west from 1322 to 1327, China to England. Some of you may remember Paula working on it in The Singing of the Dead. I figured I might as well use it somewhere while I waited for a publisher to realize what they were missing.

They never did, so I published it myself. And so…


Everything Under the Heavens

This, as astute readers will notice, is Book I. Book II, also known as By the Shores of the Middle Sea, comes out in the fall of 2014, and the third, The Land Beyond, in spring 2015. For now, get your first taste right here:

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  • When all three volumes are published, we will be publishing a single, signed with-as-many-curlicues-as-I-can-manage collector’s edition, an eye-popper with a leather slipcase and maps and illustrated letters and gilt edges and silk bookmarks. Or some iteration thereof. Just for the fun of it.

    And you absolutely will have to read it with white gloves on.

    It’s an adventure. Wish me luck!

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