Shakespeare and swordfighting. Also whiskey. A lot of whiskey.

Shakespeare's RebelShakespeare’s Rebel by C.C. Humphreys

I’m sort of surprised I finished this book, as I am not a fan of the Earl of Essex, and I almost put it down anyway when the story opens with the hero coming off a month-long drunk. Yawn.

But I persevered, and John Lawley is a fun character to follow around, in spite of all the insane and oftentimes suicidal decisions he makes. The author does a good job with the place and the time, London circa 1599 and all the attendant paranoia that consumed the population at that time. Elizabeth is robust, Robert Cecil weasely, and the ensemble cast whether real or fictional strut and fret their hour upon the stage with vigor.

Recommended for anyone who likes historical novels, Shakespeare, or swordfighting. You’ll even find out what a swashbuckle is.

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“It’s blue! Or maybe green. Red, I remember, it was red!”


True story:

Guy walks into the Poisoned Pen Bookstore. He’d left his book on a plane. He couldn’t remember the title. He couldn’t remember the author. He couldn’t remember what the book was about. He could remember that the cover was red.

And Barbara Peters? Found it for him.

If anybody knows the provenance of this photo, please put it in a comment below, after which I will properly attribute it. Thanks! –Dana

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“Like what?”

At the same time the Grosdidier brothers were settling on a command structure at home, they were willing, nay, eager to assert their independence abroad. There were a few years when Park rats had only to see the Grosdidier brothers coming in one door to exit immediately out of any available other. Their quadranarily sequential ascent to the venerable age of twenty-one was viewed with alarm, and there was talk in the Park that Something should be Done.

“Like what?” Bernie Koslowski said.


The Collected Short Stories

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