Not Necessarily Breaking News

I have finished, dea gratia, the 15th Kate Shugak novel, also known as A Deeper Sleep. It is now with my publisher and it'll be out in January 2007. I have posted a tiny little excerpt on the website to feed the general hysteria.

Blindfold Game is available personalized from Rachel Dorris at Twice Told Tales in Anchorage. You can also order it directly from Amazon through the link under the title.
The paperback will be out in November 2006.

And speaking of books about the US Coast Guard written by me, I am beginning research on my second thriller, set (mostly) on a US Coast Guard cutter. This will be a 378 doing drug interdiction in the Caribbean, featuring a new set of characters and an all! new! and improved! threat to the safety and security of these United States.

Some of you will remember the daily blog I posted from the USCG cutter Alex Haley in February 2004. Yes, I'll be posting again, this time from the USCG cutter Munro, which I will be joining on or about September 1 for its first patrol under its new captain, who just happens to be the same captain I served under (if I may be permitted the liberty of so calling it) on the Alex Haley. Yeah, I know. Lucky doesn't even come close.

About the Munro -- It's named for Coastie Douglas Munro, who lost his life off Guadalcanal in World War II doing what the Coast Guard does best, essentially a search-and-rescue of US Marines trapped on the beach. Signalman First Class Munro is the only Coastie recipient of the Medal of Honor, the highest military award this nation can bestow. It will be an honor to be on board.

Author Sightings

Go here to watch my talk at the Library of Congress on January 10, 2006.

Go here for the webcast of my presentation at the National Book Festival in October 2004.

Watch Sarah Weinman's crime fiction blog for an interview with me and Lindsey Davis. I'll post the link to my blog as soon as she tells me it's up.

David Leisure interviewed me while I was on tour in January, and it's available now as a podcast for your listening pleasure.

Fun Stuff

It's not exactly a secret that Chopper Jim Chopin is a coffee snob. In his on-going search for the perfect bean he stumbled across a little roaster in Homer, Alaska, called Captain's Coffee, run by a guy named Ty Gates. That's him on the left in the photo above. He surfs, and yes, that's the Gulf of Alaska in the background. Jim thinks Ty's insane, which is fine so long as it doesn't interfere with the production of large quantities of Tsunami Blend. Although Ty's wife, Christie, has recently talked Jim into trying Burning Daylight and Fisherman's Blend, which he also finds excellent. Order your own by clicking here.

Coming to Alaska this year? Go here to read where to go and what to do, with updated links.

Mike Doogan's running for office, and whether you live in his district or not you should definitely visit his web page. A sense of humor gets my vote every time.

Danamaniacs News

Join the Danamaniacs, a delightful if slightly peculiar group, and do fun stuff like play Mystery Trivia, Danamaniacs-style Scrabble, and the Book Title Game. They chat monthly and sometimes I drop by. There's everything you ever wanted to know about me and were afraid to ask in a humongously long interview, too.

Danamaniac David P. was manic enough to track down copies of my three science fiction novels and praise them far above their worth. Better, he's found a couple of links to go with the third one, Red Planet Run, as in Google Mars and Flight Through Mariner Valley on the JPL website. I don't know how he expects me to get any work done when I'm a click away from either of those sites.


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